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We would like to Thank everyone who helps Gentle-interventions during the Christmas season to bring smiles to the children, We are hard at work putting together the party for 2016. Although you might not get to see the families receive the gifts; know that the families greatly appreciate everything you do for them. The premise of “unknown” donors that was started with the founding of Gentle-interventions almost 11 years ago has been such a blessing to these families. This method allows the families to receive help, but also allows them to spare dignity when interacting with volunteers during the year by not knowing who helped with what, thus not feeling obligated to any one person or group for receiving help. This also gives the families a “clearing house” to go to for assistance during the remainder of the year, without calling numerous persons asking for help. It also allows GI to ask a few people with extra assistance, by knowing what each donor has to offer these families without burdening many donors with request for help.
If in your travels you find a person or group of people who would like to be a “silent” donor, we do have a donation button on the home page of our website. Again Thank you so much for your continued support in our quest to assist the families under the umbrella of our care.
Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dan & Donna
Welcome To Gentle Interventions. org, where Children matter most!

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Welcome to Gentle-Interventions home page. We hope you will find the contents of this site useful.

At GI we strive to furnish the most up to date resources available .

In side you will find articles on Mitochondrial Disorder, methods of treatment and local assistance available. Most of the content is directed for Georgia, however we plan to extend to other States as information is obtained.

Our primary focus is Mitochondrial Disorder, one of the least known childhood diseases. To find and provide family assistance to those families stricken with this horrible disease.  


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You can help today, 100% of every dollar you donate goes to the families in the form of support. No member of GI receives a salary of any form. There are 2 ways to donate, a monthly donation or below that button a one time donation. Please donate.

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We are always looking for input and assistance from Doctors, Attorneys, volunteers, personal patient representatives. We can always use donations that will help with everyday needs such as food clothing, power, water heat, travel expenses , monies for meals while the child is hospitalized. Most all these parents stay with these children for days on end at hospitals and food cost are enormous.

We will be providing guides for personal patient representatives to use, to educate them on IAP and IEP  meetings, information on how to assist parents with SSI, Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare application and appeals process.


 If you wish to help with donations for these effected families, please mail checks to   

P.O. Box 907792 Gainesville Ga. 30501

Please remember these families need funds all year long, we ask you to consider donations through out the year.






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